Monday Note from Lagovik

Hello everyone,

I got the pictures that Matt posted. They were nice to see. I hope you got some pictures that my translator sent from her home computer.

Tonight I have Bible study to lead in Lagovik. There are really about 4 little villages or neighborhoods that Pastor Sobolev wants to start congregations in. This week I will be going to Suchanoy. I am not sure if I will get to e-mail you from there so if I do not get a chance until I get back that is why. I will try to e-mail on Friday and certainly on Saturday.

Sunday’s here are family days. I went to the circus with a family of the organist. It was really neat. it was mostly Chinese performers but there was a fire eater who also worked with crocodiles and whips. This one lady laid on her back and then would spin different objects with her feet. She even spun a table. I took some pictures but I don’t know how well they turned out. They look ok in my little screen on the camera.

there are some ladies from the church who now want to learn English. They want to be able to communicate with us when we come back. There is also now a race track just near where they live. I told them that NASCAR fans will be flocking to Krasnoyarsk so that is another reason to learn English.

The other day I was on a 12 mile hike. There is some really beautiful country here.

Anyway, I will write more at the end of the week.

It is really a good thing that I chose to send the family home because it would have been a difficult time for the people here to provide transportation for all of us. As it is we are sometimes 5 people in a Lada, which is already too small of a car for 4 people. Logistically it is difficult here. There is no vehicle like a minivan. And also since the work changed it would have been harder to function. God was in that decision too just as He has been in all of them.

See you later and certainly in about 10 days.


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