Tuesday note from Lagovik

Hi everyone, We didn’t leave for Suchanoy this morning as planned. It will be tomorrow at 7AM. It is about a three hour ride. if I can I will e-mail from there. Otherwise it will be on Saturday or something.

One of the things I have noticed is that I carry my camera around but do not take as many pictures as I did at the beginning. I think that is because things are looking ‘normal’ instead of different. I am still taking them but not as many. I want to thank the people who have written notes during the trip. I hope I have answered them all although I can’t tell which age new and which are old on the way I retrieve my mail here verses in the office.

The thing that strikes one most here are two very contrasting things: The absolute mess that is all over the ground, in the parks, etc. and the wonderful people that I have met. Some of the nicest people live in the filthiest conditions. You will see more when I give the presentation in September, but trust me, there is nothing this messy anywhere in our town.

this trip[ has also taught me much patience. There are only certain things I can do on my own and when I need to I can venture out but mostly I have to wait for someone or something before I can do what it was that is planned. Anyway, that is probably a good thing too.

I am ready to get back to work with you. It is the little things that are taken for granted that you miss the most when they are not there.

I’ll write again at the end of the week.

In Christ,


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