Suchanoy update

Dear Everyone,

I just got back from the village of Suchanoy. When Russians say “village�? they mean there are no services available and no indoor plumbing. As terrible as the conditions were, the people were extra warm. They are very alert to the things of the world and to their faith. This village is mostly people of Latvian decent. That is kind of how the mission got started. Pastor Sobolev’s wife is Latvian and some from Suchanoy were in Krasnoyarsk for a Latvian festival and so the connection to go and preach there was made. I am the first pastor to stay over night however–two nights in fact. There is a lot to do here as far as the church is concerned. There are at least three more places that congregations could start but Pastor Sobolev is the only pastor. I am certainly encouraging the young men here to think about the ministry. By the way, the young men from our congregation also need to consider the ministry. There is always a need for pastors and teachers.

This will probably be the last update before I get home since I will be in the pulpit next Saturday night and Sunday morning. The experience here has been priceless although there were times I have not wanted to pay the cost. There are several projects which we could be involved in that I will give details for and each congregation I have spoken in has blessed you. At the end of the service when prayer time happens they always pray for you in my absence. The church is certainly universal in all of its aspects. Thank you for your prayers and for the time away. Thank my family mostly because this has been hard for them especially.

I can’t wait to see you next weekend.

In Christ,


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