CHOSEN to the World

Palm Trees

Greetings from HOT and MUGGY Floriday! Today was another day filled with lots of activites.The morning began with our “Chosen Frozen” attire in an attempt to blend in with the other 1000+ participants from the Minnesota South District. With that many bright blue shirts, it wasn’t nearly as easy to identify our youth! Our morning began with our family group Bible study time followed by a large group Bible study focusing on how God continues to save sinful people through the use of his CHOSEN children. God has chosen us through baptism to proclaim his love. The sessions are motivating our youth to make a difference, so we continue to pray that the flame that has been ignited in their soul will burn strong once we return to Rochester. After the large group session our youth were once again free to explore different small group sessions, on-site servant events (i.e. donate blood), booths representing areas supported by the LCMS, and concerts. Our youth have enjoyed The Katinas and Lost and Found in the concert area. They have experienced many different small group sessions that they are excited to share upon our return. This evening was another large group session featuring Micah Parker, the founder of Trust Guys, who used sports analogies to symbolize our relationship with Christ and shared personal life stories. The Jesus Painter and liturgical dancers also performed. The variety of things shared is immense and powerful. Thank you for your continued support and prayers. We know the kids are worn out, but are taking in all possible opportunities. We have one full day left before the closing on Wednesday morning. Tomorrow evening will be spent in worship where the youth are excited to experience the body and blood of Christ with 25,000 other Lutherans.  

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