CHOSEN in Christ

Well, we’re at the end of another activity-filled day!  Today’s theme was Chosen in Christ.  This morning we again started off with our family group Bible study before heading to the convention center for the “big” Bible study.  Today’s was led by Pastor Lehenbauer and the band Fusebox.  It was an energetic look at the difference between making choices based on ourselves versus what it means to be chosen in Christ and how that helps us discover who we are.  After Bible study we had a chance to visit the Live It area and the ChoZone again before our sessions started.  The kids also enjoyed more concerts this afternoon – “Lost and Found” is still a favorite – and most of our backpacks are now covered with autographs from their favorites.  In the afternoon we all took in another Fusebox concert, which was followed by the speaker Bob Lenz, who had a great presentation about what God’s unconditional love really means.  This evening’s mass event was a worship and communion service.  In the words of one of our youth, “God did it again – it’s the feeding of the 25,000!”  This evening the kids are packing their suitcases, cleaning up their rooms (I hope :)), and visiting with new and old friends.  Following the mass event tomorrow morning, we’ll take off for Pensacola.  We should arrive around 9pm, and then on Thursday we head to New Orleans.  We’re not sure when we’ll be able to update again, but will do so when we can.  Please pray for our closing events, safe travel, our work in New Orleans, and our youth. 

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