There are ANTS in them there hills

After a very successful day at our work site we are ready to return home (the 24 hour bus trip aside) and have intentions to be pulled out of New Orleans earlier than expected. We completed mowing and raking the city park and everyone was amazed with the obvious improvement. It gave all of them a real sense of satisfaction. Fortunately there were no real problems while at the site…aside from a few fire ant (they were thick in the grass and went up pants legs when mowing over them) bites and some pretty red skin (for which we will be offering aloe gel on the bus trip home!). There are kids in this neighborhood that will have a place to play. It has been reported to us that the formaldehyde in the FEMA trailers is high and the benefit of the kids having a safe and clean place to play is immense. Everyone is showered and currently packing the busses. They are going to be thankful for the air conditioning as the heat index here today was near 110 degrees! We will eat supper shortly and then we are off…we will have kids phone you about a more approximate return time. Continued prayers for our safe return!

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