Stone Soup Potluck

If you are a certain age, you are likely to know the story “Stone Soup.” For those of you who might not be familiar with it, here’s a quick summary:

A soldier comes into a village, needing a place to stay and food to eat. The villagers are frightened of the soldier, because he is a stranger, so they lock themselves in their houses. The soldier, very hungry but having no food of his own, starts making Stone Soup in the center of the village. He takes a stone out of his backpack and proclaims loudly that this is a special stone that makes the most wonderful stone soup in the world. He gets a pot of water boiling and puts the stone in and after it simmers a while, tastes it and says “Oh, this is delicious, but it would be even better with a few potatoes.” The wary villagers are curious, and one of them dares to bring some potatoes to the soldier, who thanks his benefactor and cuts the potatoes into the soup. Again, tasting it, he praises the soup and says it would be even better with some carrots. And someone brings him carrots. And so on. Before long, a wonderful soup has been created because all of the villagers have contributed, and the soup is enough to feed the soldier and his new friends.

In some ways, this is very much like what we do here at Grace frequently – the Stone Soup meal is really a potluck! No one person brings an entire meal, but with all of us contributing a little, we have more than enough for a meal for everyone.

Just before Easter, we started a special project at Grace. We needed to raise $40,000 by the middle to end of May in order to reach our goal of being able to pre-pay our commitment to our school ministry, while still maintaining all of our other bills and commitments. In the bulletin today you can see how far along we are in reaching that goal. When we started, the pot of soup had nothing but a special stone – the promise of results when all of us get involved. Today we have some potatoes and carrots. Over the next few weeks, we can continue to make a very special soup, a potluck. When we kicked off this special project, I remarked that this congregation is very generous when it comes to special projects, such as the roof repair or the sprinklers or sending the Youth to National Gatherings. Another thing at which this congregation excels is potlucks!

You can continue to give to the special project by putting an offering – a monetary gift above and beyond your normal weekly tithe – in an envelope marked “RCLS Commitment” and putting your envelope number on it. In this way, you can help our Stone Soup, our Grace Potluck, become a most pleasing feast for God’s work here at Grace.

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