Summer Schedule

Summer Worship Services Updates
Starting May 27 we begin our Wednesday 6:30pm worship services.  The Wednesday services offer an expanded explanation of the biblical passages in a more casual setting than our traditional worship services.  These are offered for members who will be out of town the following weekend or just prefer the casual setting.  Our Saturday 6:00pm worship services continue in their traditional format throughout the summer months.  The Sunday service switches to a single 9:00am service starting the first Sunday in June (June 7).
Last year Grace increased the fellowship opportunities for our members by offering ice cream dessert after the Wednesday and Saturday worship services.  We had a great turnout and received many positive comments so we will again be offering ice cream after the Wednesday and Saturday worship services.  This summer we will be adding three summer barbeques.  The trustees will be grilling hot dogs and we will be serving chips and ice cream immediately following the worship services on the first Wednesday of the month (June 3, July 1 and August 5).  We hope everyone will be able to attend one or more of these events this summer.

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