Missionary to Russia to Visit September 23

As summer draws to a close, we turn our mission focus from projects in Rochester to global outreach with the Ablaze program and the special visit of Matt Heise, missionary to Russia.  Matt will be in Rochester on Wednesday, September 23.  There will be a special program and of course as is typical of Grace Hospitality, a special meal, “Grace will go Blini for Heise”.  The menu will include Russian vegetable pie, salad, bread and Blini’s for desert. What is a blini?  Why, it is a thin crepe filled with treats!  Yum!  Monies collected at the meal will go to support Matt’s ministry to areas of Georgia and Mongolia.  Matt develops programs to train local ministers especially those of Muslim ethnicity. Many of these men identify themselves as Muslim but have no faith.  They learn of Jesus and become his ministers.  Their faith is contagious and their numbers are growing.  Learn more of this ministry by planning to attend the program and dinner.

Dinner 5:30-6:30pm

Presentation and Q&A 6:30pm

Free-will offering will be received.

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