Night Travelers

We arrived, we packed busses, we prayed and we departed.

As we milled about the parking lot between tasks, participants and well wishers alike had the opportunity to enjoy a taste of fine Gulf weather, hot and humid, but still cooler than our destination! This was an excellent opportunity for participants to start acclimating, and parents to share in just a small part of our upcoming adventure.

Night Bus

After loading luggage, food, sleeping bags and 109 excited travelers, the busses took for our night long drive. Some slept, some watched movies, some visited, but all were excited for the breakfast stop at Sikeston, MO.

We are on the road again for our trek south towards New Orleans. Our next adventure will be the swamp tour. Look for pictures of the wildlife we might see!

Links to photos that we are posting can be found here

Thank you for your continued prayers and support.

Early Morning on the Bus

Looking out the window in Missouri

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