A Good Word from Camp, May 2011

OK, May has come to a close and I worked all day to get this done on time–before the last Sunday of the month.  Funny how I put this deadline on myself–no one is hanging over me.  First, I do covet your prayers–read the commandment, coveting prayers is not on the sin list!  Second, this is my way of keeping in touch and sort of holding myself accountable.  Third, this is also my record of what I have been up to so I can review it occasionally.

Church of Ingria 400 years

Busy as usual, and my big concern this month is my car-it broke down a couple times, nothing with God’s help I could not handle, but as I do need it this next month for a lot of trips to the villages, I am facing another test of faith… So, attached are the usual–the prayer letter and some photos.  There were  a lot of meetings this month, several I did not photograph, but several I  did. This is to keep you all posted and also reminds me what to pray for.  We have several events coming up–if I remember my camera, I will pass on photos of those things   attend or be part of.
Birthday–the banner simply says Church of Ingria 400 years.  I thought I was through with such stuff, but they needed someone to run sound at the International Christian Academy’s graduation.

Leif the soundman at International Christian Academy's graduation

Leif and Andrei Savilainen, the Ingrian pastor

Andrei-Again, Andrei Savilainen, the Ingrian pastor heading up the Ingrian Lutheran Chaplaincy initiative came for a pep-talk and some help.  He has invited me up to Karelia to lead some seminars at the three congregations he serves, and he requested that I might try to invite some Lutheran American police officers to come visit him and some of the police he is trying to serve–in sort of a cross cultural info and experience swap
Pastor Bill Moberly of the AALC, head of the Eastern European Mission Network, has partnered up with Ingria to organize 3 English language evangelism camps this year.  One in Petrozavodsk, one in Koltushe, and one in Gubanitza (Zhanya) 0r helps organize transportation, busses and so forth,  at one of the camps, Karl and Nastya will help translate–as I am responsible for coordinating the camp in Gubanitza).

Leif with Pekka

Leif with Pekka–the good news is that in the Finnish parliamentary elections, enough conservatives were voted in to stop a move to change the Finnish constitution’s definition of marriage.  It will remain the union of a man and a woman (rather than the proposed “two individuals”).  Pekka is  working with conservatives as this all plays itself out.  I will not be able to visit Finland for the next 6 months while I await receiving Russian citizenship.

Lyle Thomas teaching seminary students

Lyle Thomas teaching seminary students an overview of healing prayer in counseling.

The Bishop gave a pointed sermon.

The Bishop gave a pointed sermon on Ingria’s up to date confessional theology in the face of modern day liberalism.
NO, we are not forming our own praise band, but possibly some evangelistic concerts…  Here we are playing “Go down Moses” which  is continually played on Russian radio in English.  We have, of course, translated

Leif, Nastya, and Karl

into Russian, added some of the more Christian verses, and it always goes over well (since this is often the first time people hear the song in a form they can understand the words).

Prayer Requests

Pray for upcoming English language evangelism camps in June—being held in Petrozavodsk, Koltushe, and Gubanitza, pray also for the scout camp that I will be attending with Karl and Nastya, that God open some doors for the Gospel there.  Pray for our car/transportation situation—I will need our car a lot next month running between camps, Church, St. Petersburg and the villages, and it has been breaking down a lot (it does have a holy radiator!—OK holey is more grammatically correct).  Pray that I do find some rest and renewal this summer.  Pray for English language worship services, and for Kostya Subotin who may be sent as a field worker to help out.   Pray for the upcoming seminar in Yoshcar-ola—I leave shortly for a four day trip.  Also pray for a seminar that will be held at our dacha (someone has asked to use it—this is the first time).  Pray for the Chaplancy program—doors are opening in Karelia, pray also that God help me to be more faithful and more energetic in pursuing the opportunities He opens up for me.

Another Call for Volunteers

The Chaplansy initiative is looking for a couple or more Lutheran police officers who would like to come visit Karelia and meet with local police in sort of a cross cultural exchange.  We are also open to short term groups working directly with Ingrian parishes, camps, repair, good-will.  Also, if any one is interested in short-term English evangelism, next year I want to plan some in coordination with English services so we can more effectively reach out to students.
Draw us to Thee, for then shall we
Walk in Thy steps forever
And hasten on where Thou art gone
To be with Thee forever
TLH #215 verse 1
CONTACT ADDRESSES Feedback, questions, whatever are most welcome.
Our Russian home address:

Leif and Zhanya Camp
18 line V. O. dom 43 Kv. 7
St. Petersburg, Russia, 199178
Stateside contact address:

Leif and Zhanya Camp,
C/O Marli Camp
902 N. 12th
Melrose Park, IL, 60160
Russian Lutheran Church Address:

Ev. Lutheran Church of Ingria in Russia
Bolshaya Konyushennaya dom 8a
St. Peterburg, Russia, 191186
Telephone: after getting an international line by dialing 011, dial 7- 812 (our area code) 321-1508(our phone number)
Note—Between St. Petersburg and central US time, the difference is 9 hours.  Stateside contact telephone: 708-344-4472
E-MAIL:  [email protected] & [email protected] Please feel free to share this prayerletter with your Church, friends, or enemies if it might help (just please do not quote things out of context or edit my words in such a way as to change their intent).  If you would like to receive a copy via e-mail, simply email me directly and ask!
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