Keeping UP With the Joneses January,2013

January 2013

January 2013

A Prayer Requests


I hope your January is going along smoothly – and I hope you’re warm wherever you are! I know Minnesota is getting close to -20 Fahrenheit, which is unfathomable to me, now that I haven’t lived in Minnesota for a few winters. 🙂 We finally got an entire week’s worth of snow, so I’m loving the scenery around here.

I wanted to share a few special prayer requests about what’s going on this month for us! >> Andy is, at this moment, in an airplane that’s probably making it’s initial descent into Philadelphia, PA. Yep! He’s in the United States. He will be visiting St. Louis, Missouri, and then his family and friends in Minnesota this week through next Tuesday (January 29). If you could keep him in your prayers as he’s got a lot of traveling to do, that would be great. He’s first in St. Louis to visit the seminary that he will be attending next fall. He actually hasn’t visited it ever, so it will be a good chance for him to see the campus, sit in on a class and catch up with a few people we know there. Then he’ll fly up to Minnesota to see his family, take the GRE, then it’s back to St. Louis – for a hymn writers conference!


Several months ago, Andy submitted several hymn texts that he had written for consideration for this conference. The conference is invitation-only so Andy was one of 30 selected to receive a special invitation and a grant to cover his airfare. He’s got a pretty great gift for writing, so I’m glad he was chosen for this conference. Pray he enjoys the conference. Please pray also that his travels throughout the week are safe!

>> As for me, I’ve got a trip coming up as well. On Sunday, I will be flying to South Africa! I will be visiting two different areas/villages where LCMS missionaries teach and work in the community. I will be doing video interviews in order to provide recruitment materials as well as training materials for the field down there. I am very excited to be able to help out down there in this way. The Africa region doesn’t currently have any Communication-specific missionaries, but they do have support to bring us down, so my boss and I are able to lend our skills to that field, as well as here in Eurasia. At the same time that I travel to South Africa, my boss will be doing interviews in Guinea. Please pray for safe travels for the both of us, and that we will be able to gather what we need to tell the stories.

Look for our next newsletter for stories from our trips as well as updates from our work in Eurasia!

Thank you for our prayers!


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