The Grace youth joined the Rochester group, with whom we are traveling, for a sending service at RCLS. Kids waited anxiously, comparing the sizes of their suitcases, while parents and chaperons went over last minute details. We met in the gym for an enthusiastic sending service led by Pastor Vollrath from Eyota.

And then it was time for the bus. What can be said about an overnight bus ride? After a few hours, the excitement and newness of being on a coach bus has mostly worn off, and people start noticing that the once comfortable seats aren’t nearly as big as they used to seem. Soon after one has finally fallen asleep, something will inevitably happen to rouse you from that sleep, like a dropped water bottle, 3am fueling stop, or a restless seatmate. Unless, you are Carolyn, who slept for a reported ten hours, well beyond the average range of sleep for the evening.

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