Sunday, the waterpark

On Sunday morning a few of our group woke early for a 6am run. They report that downtown is empty at that time and that the Alamo is much smaller than they had imagined. After breakfast we grabbed food from our bins and were off to the Schlitterbahn waterpark in nearby New Braunfels, TX. Although we left in a torrential downpour, by the time we got situated inside the park, the rain and drizzle had ended, and we enjoyed an uncharacteristically cool morning (by Texas standards). The cooler weather and clouds protected us from major sunburns and burnt feet as we walked about from one ride to the next. The waterpark had plenty of slides, rides, rivers, waves, and pools to keep us busy and entertained for the next few hours. As we arrived, each person received three wristbands, one for entry, one for lunch, and one for a snack. The meals were filling, and snacks of pretzels and Blue Bell ice cream gave everyone enough energy to slide and swim for the rest of the afternoon.

Upon our return to the hotel, the Grace group split into family groups for a supper out and time to explore the city. A variety of of cuisines was consumed, including Italian, Irish, and American burgers. Most groups then wandered around the Riverwalk for a bit, taking in the sites and visiting a few souvenir shops.

We ended the evening with a group meeting to go over the plans for the next day, and headed to bed.

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