On The Ground

As we approach St Petersburg by air, we near the end of our 24 hour journey getting here. As expected, it was a journey that was filled with the unexpected

Packing decisions continued right to the point of departure. Decisions had to be made on what items were more critical than others to make weight limits and to stay within the capacity of our luggage. Several trips to the scale were made with the “Big Green Monster”, the duffel bag carrying a lot of the donated supplies, a kickball, and a playground parachute for the kids at the VBS camp in Vyborg. But finally, on Thursday morning, Alyssa was at our front door to drive us to Minneapolis–there was no more time to work on the trip planning or anything else in our lives that seemingly mattered; it was time to go!

As we reached Minneapolis, our first unexpected challenge occurred when Alyssa’s sister texted that Alyssa had forgotten a bag of necessary medications on her bed. While we shared the immediate sense of dread and hopelessness she felt we all started thinking of the possibilities to overcome this setback. Long story short, Alyssa’s dad drove the bag of medications up to Minneapolis, an exchange occurred at the curb in front of the airport, and this event would not even have had to have been mentioned except it provides a great illustration of how all things are possible with God. (For Alyssa’s dad to drop whatever he was doing to play the “hero” and answer to prayers for a solution to this problem was also a great illustration of why we celebrate Fathers Day and is also a great analogy of how our Father in heaven solved the “problem” of our sin!)

I could also give you details of dealing with Dan drawing blood after hitting his head on a low-hanging luggage compartment door as we left the plane in Brussels, Belgium, or realizing that because of the hour delay in departing Newark, we may not have had a chance to make it to our connecting flight to St Petersburg. But as I write this, St Petersburg is coming into view, and we will soon be with the rest of the team.

Thank you, Lord, for a safe journey! We look forward to meeting more members of your family of believers and in doing your work!

50.8599° N, 4.4741° E

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