June 21st – The longest day of the year

Today was an eventful day in St. Petersburg, Russia. We woke up to some good news……

Happy people with luggage

What was once lost, now found.

Alyssa and Dan’s bags had been found and delivered right to our hotel! Thank you God!

We then drove to St. John’s church in Peterhof,  where we worshiped with Lutheran Russians. The people were very welcoming. Pastor did the sermon and spoke about the prodigal son, with our translator Andre translating.

A plate of food.

Post worship fare

We were served a delicious homemade meal by the women of the congregation. Afterwards, we took a trip to Peterhof and then a boat tour around the Neva Fiver and through the canals of St. Petersburg.

Our Travelers

Our Travelers

It was 11:00pm by the time we returned and still light outside! Tomorrow we journey to Vyborg where we will be staying for the next week. Its amazing to see that there are other people like us, who share the exact same faith, on the other side of the world.

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