Vyborg, Russia!

people standing outside an old building

The group in a scenic place

Its been very busy here in Vyborg! We arrived monday afternoon and jumped right in. We met the children and started the first lesson about the birth of Jesus. The second lesson on Tuesday was about being fishers of men and today (Wednesday) was the story of Zaccheaus. There are about 21 children and their ages range from 8 to 14. They are eager to learn and love to read in English. Most of the children can read in English, although they do not always understand the words they are reading. The language barrier is difficult at times but we have three very good translators who have been doing a wonderful job. ┬áThe church we are at, St. Peter and Paul’s Lutheran church, is 200 years old has has a lot of history.

We have two more days left of the English camp and are praying that God will put words in our mouth and that the holy spirit will continue to work through us. Thank God there are people all around the world who have faith and are working to spread his word!

Had a few internet difficulties, more to come.

Our hosts in Vyborg have been very welcoming. The first night they took us to a castle in Vyborg that as built in the late 12th century. The castle is very historical and has steps that go all the way to the top. The view of the gulf of Finland is very beautiful from that high up. Yesterday we went to a park on the gulf. The plants and wildlife are very similar to Minnesota’s.

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