Our last days in Vyborg were bittersweet. We were so sad to say goodbye to the children and they were sad to see us go. It felt as though we had just gotten to know them and then we had to leave. Our last day we learned about the resurrection. During the last half hour we invited the parents to come and watch the children sing and perform their skits. The parents loved it and the kids did a great job! They are very good at reading English. Many gifts were exchanged and then it was time to go….The week went by so fast!

On Friday after we said our goodbyes to the children, one of our hosts Dennis, took us “surfing” (paddle boarding) on the gulf of Finland. We had a picnic and then went out on the water. And Pastor even jumped in! It was a lot of fun. We thank God for Dennis and his wife Inna and their daughter Alysa. They were so welcoming and nice to us and such good tour guides!

Now we are back in St. Petersburg. Today we attended a Lutheran Church in St. Petersburg called St. Mary’s Church. The church was built in 1805. It was nice again to see and worship with so many Christians from the other side of the world!

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